What's this "My Box" ?

The Box is a useful tool that grants you convenience and complete control over your online shopping experience at Archonia.

Using the Box allows you to:

  • Ship-Now: add pre-order, backorder and in-stock items to your Box and decide when to ship everything that is in-stock. No need to wait for all pre-order items of an order to arrive at our warehouse before they can ship. Ship items whenever is most convenient for you.
  • Auto-Ship: automatically ship all in-stock items in your Box every month.
  • Add an in-stock item now and have it ship up to a month later so it is combined with all pre-order items that came in stock in the meantime to save money on shipping.
  • Add some more in-stock items before you Ship-Now to save money on shipping.

We created our order management system, the Box, as a way to help you manage your backorders and pre-orders and streamline your shopping experience at Archonia, after listening to the feedback of our valuable customers.