My Box: Prepayment

First of all, if you're paying for your Box items via credit card, no prepayment will be required. Your credit card will automatically be charged once your next Box Shipment is being prepared. 

If you choose one of our many other payment options, please read below. 

When using the "My Box" feature we ask for a small prepayment of the goods you order. Here's how that works. 

It's important to know that adding items to your Box is the equivalent of placing an order. It is not a wishlist! You are actually buying these items so payment is expected and required. We won't ask you for the full amount up front though, only a small prepayment. 

It's easy to see how much you've already paid and which amount is still due by going to the "My Box" entry in your account and then clicking on the tab "Prepayment". 

How much the required prepayment is, depends on the total amount of your Box items.  It's pretty straightforward though. 

Box Total Required Prepayment
less than 20 € 0 €
between 20 € and 50 € 20 €
between 50 € and 500 € 50 €
between 500 € and 1000 € 100 €
between 1000 € and 2000 € 200 €
and so on...

Whenever you add items to your Box, we will check the required prepayment. If you reach the next threshold or if the required prepayment is no longer met, you will be asked to do a payment. 

Every time your Box ships, you'll have the option to use the prepaid amount and have it deducted from the to be paid amount. You won't be asked to renew the prepayment until the next time you add new items to your box. 

Please note, comic book or manga subscriptions also add items to your Box so this action also triggers the prepayment check and a payment request can be issued. 

Once a payment request for your Box is issued, it's important to make the payment immediately or you'll risk cancellation of all Box items. 

Obviously we'll inform you via e-mail when a payment is due. So it's vital that you make sure you receive our e-mails. Pro-tip: verify the e-mail address used for your Archonia account on a regular basis and add Archonia to your list of contacts to make sure our e-mails don't end up in your spam filter.

Important note: At this moment, it isn't possible to pay more than the required Prepayment.