Can I cancel Box items?

It's important to know that when you add items to your Box, you are actually buying them. The Box is an advanced order system, not a wishlist, so payment is expected and required. 

However, we know that under certain circumstances you might want to cancel an item. 

Please note that excessive cancellations can result in disabling the "My Box" system for your account. So while the option is there, we ask you to use it sparingly and only add items to your Box that you are actually interested in buying. 

As long as an item is not yet being prepared for your next Box shipment, you can still cancel it. There's a button to do so under the "Next shipment" and "Pending" sections. 

Enter the number of copies that you wish to cancel. Usually, this means you type in '1'. If you've accidentally ordered more copies of an item than you intended to, you can also adapt the quantity here. If you've ordered for example 5 issues, and you only want 1, you enter '4' and confirm.