How do I place an order?

You can either place a separate order or a Box order. 
For separate orders: When you place an order, it can consist of any type of article: in stock articles, out of stock articles or pre-orders. You pay for your items in full, including the shipping costs. For example when you place an order containing an article that is in stock and a pre-order article that will arrive in 2 months, our system will automatically split your order into 2 shipments. This means that you will be paying shipping costs twice. If you don't want multiple shipments, then you can simply buy products which are available at the same time. After you've placed your order, it can no longer be changed or combined with other orders. This way of ordering is very convenient for customers who order occasionally. You can place your order, pay for it and then simply wait until you receive your package.

For the Box system: This is a more advanced order management system. When you place orders regularly, it's much easier to use the Box for your orders. You can read more about the Box in the related article.