Archonia Points update

Our loyalty program Archonia Points also received an upgrade. Many customers loved the concept of earning and saving Archonia Points, so we couldn't abandon that now, could we? 

But we listened to your suggestions and made some changes which you'll surely love!

It's now easier to understand how many points you will earn.

In the old system you never really knew exactly how many points you would receive until you received them. That has now changed: 

For every euro spent you get 2 Archonia Points.
So 100 euro spent, gives you 200 Archonia Points. 

It's now easier to spend the points you earned.

In the old system you had to save up enough points to pay for an item in full and you'd receive it for free. While getting stuff for free is obviously very fun, it sometimes took quite a while to save up enough points to get there. 
That has now changed: 

You can now simply use your earned points to receive an immediate discount when placing a new order. You can still save them up, or spend them every time, it's up to you! 

The value of your Archonia Points has also been simplified.

100 Archonia Points equal a 1 euro discount. It's as easy as that. 

So if you earned 400 Archonia Points on previous orders, you can use them to receive a 4 euro discount on your next order.

Old points vs New Points

It's important to know that your hard-earned Archonia Points were transferred to the new shop system and a conversion was made to make them compatible with the new shop system. The point total will have changed but the actual value remained the same.