What are Archonia Points?

"Archonia Points" are our loyalty program. You can earn Archonia Points and then use them to receive a discount on your next order. 

Plain and simple! But effective! 

How can I earn Archonia Points?

In the future we may decide to expand and enhance the Archonia Points program but right now there are two ways to earn Archonia Points. 

  1. You will automatically earn Archonia Points with every purchase you make on Archonia.com. It's as easy as that! 
  2. You can earn Archonia Points by writing quality product reviews on our website.

1. Earning points by placing orders

  • An Archonia account is required.
  • For every euro spent (this includes goods only, so excluding the shipping costs), you'll get 3 Archonia Points. So 100 euro spent on products, gives you 300 Archonia Points. 
  • You will earn points on all types of orders: regular (pre-)orders, but also on Box orders.
  • Points will only be awarded once an order has been shipped, not at the time of placing the order.
  • When earned points are calculated, they will always be rounded to the nearest round number.
  • Important notice: Due to the high fees of PayPal payments compared to other payment methods, customers who pay for their orders using PayPal will not receive points for those orders. We offer a wide variety of other payment methods which are equally safe and trustworthy, so feel free to use these instead if you wish to earn Archonia Points.

Some examples:

  • If you buy a statue of 85 euro, and the shipping cost is 4,99 euro, you will have paid 89,99 euro. You will earn points on the 85 euro. This purchase will award you with 255 Archonia Points once your order is shipped.
  • If you add 10 comics (3,99 euro each) to your Box and five comics are shipped the next month (value 19,95), you will be awarded 59,85 Archonia Points, which will be rounded up to 60. The points for the remaining 5 comics will be awarded once those are shipped. 

One last thing to consider: Archonia Points will be processed (calculated and awarded) during the night for all orders shipped during that day. So there might be a few hours delay between your order being shipped and the points being added to your account. You should see the points added to your account within 24 hours after your order has been shipped. 

2. Earning points by writing product reviews

  • An Archonia account is required.
  • You will earn 40 Archonia Points for a quality product review which is approved by our team. 
  • You can earn Archonia Points by writing product reviews up to 4 times per month (to be precise, a 30-day interval). 
  • You are free to write more than 4 reviews per month, but only 4 will be rewarded with Archonia Points. 

What is considered a quality review?

  • Approved languages for writing reviews are: English, Dutch, French and German. Unfortunately we cannot accept reviews in other languages. 
  • Please write full sentences and use punctuation marks to enhance readability. 
  • Product reviews should be descriptive about the positive or negative aspects of the product. For example: "It is amazing" is not considered a quality description. 
  • Product reviews should primarily be about the product itself. Feel free to mention packaging & other services, but the main goal should be to write about the product. 
  • Product reviews should be unique and personal. If we notice that reviews are copy/paste from elsewhere, we reserve the right to remove them and possibly even block your account. 
  • Ultimately, it will be our judgement call to approve or disapprove submitted reviews. Inappropriate or abusive language will not be tolerated. 

One last thing to consider: Please bear in mind that our team doesn't continually check for new reviews. So there might be a few days delay between you posting your review and it being approved. Archonia Points will be processed (calculated and awarded) during the night for all reviews approved during that day. You should see the points added to your account within 24 hours after your review has been approved. 

How can I spend my Archonia Points?

Archonia Points will grant you an immediate discount while placing an order or shipping your Box shipment (*). Once you have earned enough points, you will see a checkbox next to your payment option. Just tick that box if you want to use your points for that order. 

Some ground rules: 

  • 200 points = 1 euro discount on the to-be-paid amount. 
  • Once you have earned 1000 points, you can start using them.
  • You can use all the points at once, or partially. 

Here are some examples:

  • If you have 400 points, you cannot use them yet. Earn 600 more points to unlock them! 
  • If you have 1200 points, and you use them all, you will get a 6 euro discount on your order.
  • If you have 1550 points, and you use 1000 points, you'll get a 5 euro discount on your order. Please note, you won't be able to use the remaining 550 points until you reach the 1000 point threshold again. 

When and where can you spend your Archonia Points? 

  • While placing a regular (pre-)order: just thick the checkbox next to your chosen payment option in the shopping basket.
  • While finalizing your Box shipment by using the "Ship now" button: you'll see the same checkbox next to your chosen payment option. 

One last thing to consider: Once you've used your Archonia Points, they are gone. 

(*) Important: Archonia Points will not be used when your Box is automatically shipped (because we cannot know for certain if that is what you want at that time). So, if you wish to spend your Archonia Points on your next Box shipment, simply use the "Ship now" button and select the points checkbox before your Box day.

Will my Archonia Points ever expire?

  • Archonia Points do have an expiration date which you can always view and keep track of in your account. 
  • All your Archonia Points will expire 3 months after your last order has been shipped. 
  • Basically, this means that if you regularly place orders, your earned Archonia Points will never expire. It is a loyalty program after all. 
  • Once points have expired, they are lost. We cannot restore them for you. So be mindful of their expiration date!

Where can I see my Archonia Points balance? 

You can always check your Archonia Points balance in our Account Overview on Archonia.com. 

If you then click on "Archonia Points", you will see a detailed overview of your Archonia Points. 

  • When will your Archonia Points expire? 
  • How many have you earned?
  • How many are currently being used in a transaction?
  • What kind of transactions happened recently (earnings + expenditures)

Legal information:

  • Archonia Points have no monetary value. Therefor, you cannot request a monetary pay out of your earned points. 
  • The Archonia Points is a good will service and can be stopped, changed in value, postponed, ended, ... at any time that we see fit without prior notification. 
  • We reserve the right to remove previously earned points from any account if we feel that is required (i.e. in case of abuse). 
  • We reserve the right to disable the Archonia Points for any account if we feel that is required. 
  • If you used Archonia Points to pay for an order, and the order is cancelled, the Archonia Points will not be returned to your account, only the actually paid amount (if any) will be refunded. Once Points are used, they are gone.