Other new features

We added a bunch of other features in the new shop system which you might find very useful. 

Address book

You can now add multiple addresses in your account. 
You can add your work address and have your orders delivered there (if your employer allows that).
Or you can add the address of your parents or other relatives if you're never at home yourself. 
Or just use your home address. 

When placing your order you can then simply use the option which suits you best at that time. It's your choice!


If you use multiple credit cards you can register them in your wallet. Registering your credit card in your wallet will create a secure link to our payment provider (Adyen) and will allow for quick and easy payments while still being 100% secure and safe. Please note that we never store any of your credit card information on our servers. 

Updated availability information

Availability information of the outstanding items in your orders will be updated more often and clearly when needed and where possible. This aspect is quite challenging given that we source our products from all over the world and there are a lot of factors to take into consideration (production lead time, production delays, international transit times, supplier availability, ...). But we are working hard on providing you with the most accurate information that we can. 

Easier parcel tracking

We are upgrading our logistics department so that you will soon receive proper parcel tracking notifications from our various shipping partners. This will help you keep track of your packages more easily. 

Simplified advance payments

When you are paying for your My Box items by any other means than credit card, we ask for a partial prepayment just like in the old system. However, how this works has now been simplified. It basically boils down to this: 

  • when you add items to your box and an additional prepayment is required, you will be asked to do so
  • whenever items are shipped from your box, you will have the opportunity to use the prepaid amount and deduct it from the amount due. 

A full explanation can be found here.

More soon!