How does a pre-order work?

A pre-order is an order for an article that hasn't been released yet. You can reserve a copy to be sure to get the article when it's released.

There are two different ways to place (pre-)orders at Archonia, both of which have their own advantages. You decide which method suits your needs best. 

A simple, single pre-order

If you only buy items occasionally, for example once or twice a year, this is probably the easiest method for you. You place your pre-order, pay for it immediately (including the shipping costs) and then you can simply wait for the delivery. You won't have to do anything else, we'll handle it from there. Once the item(s) arrive in our warehouse we'll prepare your package and send it your way. You'll receive an e-mail with tracking information and a few days later you'll have the item(s) you wanted. Simple. Easy. 

If you buy multiple pre-order items at once and their release dates are too far apart, your order will automatically be divided into multiple shipments. This is decided during the checkout process, so you'll know immediately and before placing the order. This will allow us to send the available items much sooner without having to wait for the last item to arrive. If you buy multiple items and their release dates are close to each other, it will only be one shipment. That shipment will wait for the final item to arrive before being processed. 

It is also possible to buy an in stock item together with a pre-order in one single order, but only if the release date of that pre-order is in the very near future. Otherwise, the system will automatically create multiple shipments as explained earlier. Again, you'll know this before placing your order, so no surprises afterwards. 

Our "Box" ordering system. 

If you are a frequent buyer, the "Box" system is probably most suited for you. The Box allows you to buy all kinds of items, put them in your Box and once a month all available items are shipped to you. You can add in stock items, out of stock items or pre-orders. The Box will automatically sort everything according to their availability, and you'll receive regular shipments. If you want to know more about the Box, we have a separate entry with extensive information on how it all works