Can I choose when the items in my box are shipped to me?

After you first create your Box, you will be assigned a first " Box day". The Box day is determined automatically by our system and depends on available time slots as to not overload our warehouse. You can see the date of your next Box day in your account.

When your Box day is reached, your next Box shipment will automatically be prepared for you and a new Box day will be allotted in the next month. So once you're set up, you will receive a regular monthly shipment from Archonia. 

However, if for some reason you simply can't wait for your next Box Day, you can choose to have all available items shipped to you immediately. You'll find a nice big red button to do so under the "Next shipment" section. 

Please take into consideration that a new Box day will automatically be calculated if you use this option. We do this to avoid situations where you might get multiple shipments very close to each other which would lead to unwanted additional shipping costs.