Can I postpone the scheduled Box date?

In certain situations you are allowed to postpone the next scheduled shipment. There are some limitations though. To see if you can postpone, you can click on the appropriate button.

If postponing your Box date is possible, a new Box date will automatically be shown for you to confirm. You cannot choose a specific date. 

If postponing your Box date is not possible, a message explaining why will be shown. 

Current limitations (we reserve the right to update these if the need arises): 

  • If your next scheduled shipment is already as far in the future as is possible (which generally is at least a month from now), you cannot postpone it further. You’ll have to check back later. 

  • If the amount of available & in stock goods reaches a certain threshold, postponing will no longer be possible. This is to avoid huge build-ups in our warehouse. We have carefully considered these thresholds and they are chosen relative to the most common shipping costs for each country. In general these thresholds are set so that the shipping costs do not amount to more than 10% of the value of goods that will be shipped (exceptions may occur). We believe these thresholds to be fair, but will be constantly evaluating them in the future. 

If you require a postponement that falls beyond the scope of these options (for example, you’re going away on vacation for an extended period), please contact our support ( team to work out a custom arrangement. Please note that we reserve the right to decline your request should we deem it unreasonable.