I want my stuff now, do I really have to wait for the scheduled Box date?

If you simply can't wait for your next Box Day, you can choose to have all available items shipped to you immediately. You'll find a nice big red button to do so under the "Next shipment" section. 

Important notice: If you want to have additional in stock items shipped together this shipment you have to add them to your Box first. Any already available item that you add, will automatically be added to your next shipment. This allows you to easily combine regular items with your recently released pre-orders. 

Once you're satisfied with the shipment, you can click on the “ship items now” button and everything will be shipped together. 

Please take into consideration that a new Box day will automatically be calculated if you use this option. Your new Box day will be at least 1 month from now. This should avoid situations where you might get multiple shipments very close to each other.