How do subscriptions work?

Subscriptions work through the "My Box" ordering feature. If you haven't enabled your Box yet, please do so first.

When you’re viewing an article on our website, you’ll see a blue button ‘subscribe’. Simply press this button and confirm. 

It is important to realize that a subscription is an automated process. It will add the next issue in a series automatically to your Box items, so that you don't have to worry about forgetting it. 

You can view the status of your subscription in your Account, under the section "My subscriptions". All currently active subscriptions are listed under "Active subscriptions" and you can find closed or canceled subscriptions you once had under the section "closed subscriptions". Subscriptions will be closed by us when they reach their last issue (for example the subscription for a limited series of 8 issues will be marked as "ended" once the 8th issue has been added to everyone's Box). 

Whenever you add a new subscription it's important to add any existing pre-orders for that series yourself. You can do that while opening the subscription, so it's easy enough, but it's something you have to remember! This also applies for brand series for which the #1 issue has just been announced. Your subscription will add #2 to your Box next month, but you have to pre-order #1 yourself! 

You may cancel a subscription at any time, but we do ask that you still purchase all the items that you have in your Box because we have already ordered them specifically for you.

The list of issues added via your subsciption in your subsription list (might) have different colors. Each color has a different meaning:

Red = added via subscription and shipped
Green = added via subscription and released
Blue = added via subscription, not released yet and not shipped
Orange = not added via subscription and still available for reservation
Grey = not added via subscription and not available anymore for reservation