I’ve moved. Can I change my address?

Absolutely! Simply log on to the website. There, under Login & Security, you'll find your Addressbook. Here you can add multiple addresses and update them where needed. 

Important notes

All addresses have to be in the same country. It's not possible to add addresses from multiple countries. If you've moved to another country, please contact us to change your address for you. Our email address is sales@archonia.com. Clearly state in your email your old and your new address. If you have any orders that have yet to be shipped, clearly state if you want them to be shipped to your old or your new address.

When you change your address, your future orders will be shipped to your new address. However, already existing orders will be shipped to the old address. If you want your already existing orders to be shipped to your new address, please contact us at sales@archonia.com. Please clearly state your old and your new address, and your order number(s) in your email.